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The C++ 11/14 courses delivered by BD Software
  Moving Up to Modern C++
    Modern C++ Course Outline
  A description of our Effective Modern C++ Training
  Modern C++ Combo training
  Overview — The New C++

The Legacy C++ Courses delivered by BD Software
  A description of our Effective C++ Training
    The Effective C++ — Course Details
  A description of our Effective STL C++ Training
    The Effective STL course details
  Our course of C++ Object Oriented Programming

Our course of C Programming Training
The C++ Object Oriented Programming — course details<

The Unix / Linux / Perl training delivered by BD Software for programmers
  Unix Training
  Korn Shell Training
  Perl Training for Programmers
    Perl Programming -- Course Details

Our Resources for Programmers

Our Legacy tools for programmers
STL Filt - the Standard Template Library Error Message Decryptor
BDS-C - Full Guide (PDF format)
BDS-C guide (PDF Format)
Resource: Get BDSC Here

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