Advance Your Skills in Legacy C++

C++ and Object Oriented Programming

Training for Programmers by Dan Saks
Delivered by Leor Zolman


This C++ training, delivered at your location by instructor Leor Zolman, presents C++ as a practical tool for increasing program modularity, extensibility, and robustness. By slowly "morphing" a C-like program into a C++ program, it gives a real-world sense of how C++ should be applied.

The course starts with a critique of a moderate-sized C program, and then introduces C++ features to correct the flaws in that program. As the program evolves toward an object-oriented design, the course introduces more C++ features to improve the clarity of the design and the efficiency of the resulting code. Thus, rather than present language features out of context, this course presents each major C++ feature as the solution to a real-world programming problem. In order to give the students a more realistic setting for using the language, the course concentrates on a handful of larger examples and exercises, instead of a smattering of small, isolated examples. Along the way, all the key syntactic features of C++ are introduced and explained in detail.

This seminar does not cover certain advanced language features, such as the STL, advanced file I/O, or GUI programming. While this C++ training stresses the object oriented features in C++, it is not a course in object oriented design or analysis.

Participants will:

  • Become familiar with the core syntax of the language.
  • Learn how object oriented practices can improve modularity, extensibility, and robustness.
  • Explore, in depth, the reasoning behind C++'s object oriented features.
  • Learn to apply C++'s OOP features.
  • Get hands-on experience applying OOP techniques to realistic programming examples.

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This course is normally taught over five full days. Excluding breaks, each day usually lasts about 6 hours. About 1/4 to 1/3 of the time is spent doing exercises.

Five full days

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