Pricing of On-Site Training

How much does a live instructor-led programmer training cost?

The price for on-site training by Leor Zolman is based on locale and duration of the training:

Instruction Fee
North America
2 Days $10,000 $12,000 $14,000
3 Days $14,500 $16,500 $18,500
4 Days $17,500 $19,500 $21,500
5 Days $20,000 $22,000 $24,000

Note that this is not a "per-student" figure! This instruction fee represents the total instruction fee for up to 20 attendees. For groups larger than 20 attendees, please contact BD Sofware for custom rate information.

There is an additional per-attendee fee (ranging from $75 to $250) to cover licensing and production of course materials. Attendees each receive: a printed student guide with slides/lab instructions; a custom USB memory stick containing PDFs of all course slides/notes, lab files/solutions for hands-on courses and other supplementary materials; and, on request, a printed/hand-signed certificate of completion.

Travel expenses are additional for trainings outside of the Metropolitan Boston area. For domestic (U.S.) training requiring air travel, the expenses are generally in the $1800 - $2400 range for a 5-day course. Overseas locales in the "Overseas (Other)" category require business class air travel.

As a small business with low overhead, BD Software is able to offer the benefit of Leor Zolman's over 40 years of software industry expertise (including compiler design and implementation , Unix administration, development of tools for C++ and 30+ years of training experience) at very competitive rates.

Contact BD Software today for additional information and availability.

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