BD Software delivers expert on-site and Zoom-based C++ instructor-led training by Leor Zolman.

C++11 heralded the age of "Modern C++", representing 13 years of evolution since the original C++98 standard. C++14 completed this new style of programming that offers move semantics, lambdas, concurrency and other new features making C++ more intuitive and powerful. With C++17, the evolution continues. These courses focus specifically on Modern C++ facilities, assuming a working knowledge of C++98. (Note: Our Legacy C++ courses can provide that knowledge.)

Nobody ever accused C++ of being a "simplistic" language. Upon its inaugural standardization, the C++98 language already carried with it a bevy of idioms, best practices and rich generic programming tools that can take some study to master. Our Legacy C++ courses are offered in both introductory and advanced varieties, and all subject matter retains full relevance even upon moving to Modern C++ (C++11/14/17).

In the beginning... there was C. The best (though perhaps not the fastest!) way to get a true, deep understanding of the fundamental building blocks upon which C++ is built is still to learn the C language independently. Leor Zolman implemented a popular 70's-era C compiler ("BDS C"); his introductory C course leverages his experience from those efforts to give a compiler's-eye view of C software design and development.

The beautiful thing about Unix (along with its variants) and Perl is how the fundamentals haven't changed in decades; what was important to teach and learn about Unix 30-plus years ago is still as important today. These topics are, as much as anything in the IT world can be, timeless...


"The C++ ecosystem is powerful, inspriring, fun to learn and use.
I believe it's worth taking time to learn how to use C++ right.
With a passion for programming, I savor the opportunity to teach that."

—Leor Zolman

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