On-Site C Training Seminar

Introduction to Programming in C

C Language Training for Programmers by Leor Zolman
An instructor-led C training seminar delivered (at your location) by Leor Zolman.

This five-day, hands-on C training is designed to teach programmers (with experience in some other language) how to use C (not C++) effectively. While the course fully explains the language syntax, it also goes beyond the bare syntax, to help students understand both the power and pitfalls of the language. Using a "kinder, gentler" approach, participants will gradually master pointer syntax and usage. By learning to "think like a compiler" students will gain a better understanding of the pointer/array duality that is so central to C's design, and gain a better understanding how to coax the best possible code through the proper use of C idioms and coding techniques.

Participants will:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the C syntax.
  • Become fluent with pointers and arrays.
  • Understand how multi-file programs should be structured.
  • Understand the proper use of C idioms.
  • Gain practice designing, coding and debugging complete C programs.
  • Build the necessary foundation for studying C++ and OOP.

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