Modern C++ Training for Programmers

Moving Up to Modern C++
An Introduction to C++11/14/17 for C++ Programmers

Author and presenter: Leor Zolman

This overview of C++11/14/17 (for C++98/03 programmers) surveys most of the key additions to the language itself, including support for:

  1. increased code clarity (lambdas, uniform initialization, auto),
  2. improved performance (rvalue references and move semantics),
  3. multithreading (concurrency and atomic types).

Also covered are most of the new core language features and a look at some of the new standard library components (smart pointers, new STL containers, std::function, etc.).

This course assumes no prior experience with C++11 language features, and strives to present those features in the context of the C++98 language shortcomings/limitations they were designed to ameliorate.

Source code for all class examples is provided electronically, and attendees are encouraged to experiment with new features as they're presented. There are no scheduled labs in the 3-day version, although time for a few short exercises can be made upon request. In the 4/5-day versions, expect to complete 4-5 hands-on exercises.

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Attendees should have prior programming experience with C++98 / C++03.

Three to five days: Lecture, Q/A/Discussion, Optional Labs.

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