Advance Your Skills in Unix/Linux/Perl

Perl Programming

On-Site Perl Training Seminar for Programmers
A 3-Day Course
Written by Danette Morris
Delivered by: Leor Zolman


This is an on-site, instructor-led Perl training course delivered by Leor Zolman at your location.

Perl combines the best elements of programming languages, text processing utilities, and command interpreters. This flexible scripting and text-processing language can replace an entire stable of old Unix standbys, including sed, grep, tr, awk, process control, procedural shell script -- and dramatically improve system performance at the same time! While Perl's regular expressions are based on their familiar Unix cousins, they've been extended to allow convenient matching of an unparalleled range of patterns.

Coverage of CGI-BIN using Perl is optionally available to introduce Perl for web server automation.

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