Advance Your Skills in Unix/Linux/Perl

Korn Shell Programming

On-Site Unix Training Seminar for Programmers
A 3-Day Course
Written by Danette Morris
Delivered by: Leor Zolman


This is a hands-on, instructor-led Korn Shell Training course delivered on-site by instructor Leor Zolman. For those already familiar with Unix fundamentals, this course teaches shell scripting: the primary process-control mechanism for Unix and the glue that binds software tools together. The course is taught using the Korn shell, the contemporary de-facto standard shell for System V Unix.

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[Since Korn, the band, is responsible for so many hits to this page, the least I can do is return the favor ;-) ]

Course Outline

Introduction and Review of Unix Basics

  • Command syntax
  • Permissions
  • Processes
  • Wildcards

Redirection and Pipes

Creating and Executing Scripts

The Shell Environment

  • Assigning and accessing variables
  • Built-in variables

Tools of the Trade

  • Extracting text with cut
  • Joining columns with paste
  • Transliterating characters with tr
  • Eliminating duplications with uniq
  • Batch processing with at
  • Periodic Processing with cron


  • Single and double quotes
  • Command substitution

Reading Input and Performing Arithmetic

  • Positional parameters
  • Reading user input interactively
  • Displaying output
  • Arithmetic on shell variables

Conditional Testing

  • Exit status
  • The test command
  • String, integer and file test operators
  • The if command and its variations
  • The case statement
  • The select statement

Looping Constructs

  • The for loop
  • The while/until loops
  • Controlling loops with break and continue

Miscellaneous features

  • Arrays
  • Setting options in the Korn shell
  • Aliases
  • Command Line history
  • Job Control
  • Functions
  • Signal Handling

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