Advance Your Skills in Unix/Linux/Perl

Unix/Linux Fundamentals

On-Site Unix Training Seminar for Programmers
A 3-Day Course
Written by Danette Morris
Delivered by: Leor Zolman


This is a hands-on, instructor-led Unix training course introducing the Unix or Linux operating system at the user level. Topics include command structure, the file system, file/directory manipulation, redirection and pipes, permissions, process control, account customization. Labs are designed to emphasize and reinforce material learned in class.

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Course Outline

Overview of Unix

  • Brief history
  • Major standards vs. major shells
  • Features
  • Architecture

Using Unix

  • Login/logout
  • System prompts
  • Command line syntax
  • Some basic commands:
    • date
    • cal
    • who
    • hostname
    • uname
  • Sending and receiving mail
  • On-line documentation

File management

  • Unix file structure
  • Specifying filenames
  • File management commands
  • File Access
  • Printing commands
  • I/O redirection and pipes
  • Links (hard and symbolic)

Text Editing

  • vi
  • emacs

The Unix Shell

  • Responsibilities of the shell
  • Redirection
  • Filename expansion characters
  • Processes
  • The shell environment

Unix Utilities

  • Counting words, characters and lines with wc
  • Extracting the first and last parts of files with head and tail
  • Sorting
  • Matching text patterns with regular expressions
  • Searching for text with grep
  • Locating files with find
  • Batch mode text editing with sed
  • Compression and archiving utilities

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