BD Software delivers C++ training, Unix training and Java trining on-site

BD Software delivers on-site training seminars for programmers in C, C++, Java, Perl and Unix

On-Site C++ Training for Programmers

BD Software delivers expert, hands-on training seminars in C++, C, and Unix-related topics directly at your site (worldwide). Designed by some of the industry's most respected programming experts and educators and delivered by Leor Zolman, our workshops focus on the critical, practical language issues your developers must master to become productive and proficient.


Brand New C++11/14 Courses:

Moving Up to Modern C++ (An Overview of C++11/14 for C++98 Programmers):
A 2- or 3-Day Course by Leor Zolman

Effective Modern C++:
A 4- or 5-Day Course by Scott Meyers
(based on his newest book of the same name)


Watch Leor's recorded presentations from CppCon 2014:

An Overview of C++11/14 Part I and Part II
(Very accellerated version of portions of Moving Up to Modern C++)

C++ Puzzlers (15-minute "Lightning Talk")


BD Software is pleased to directly offer several trainings based on Scott Meyers' materials:

Effective C++ (based on the classic book series, offered in 3-, 4- and 5-day formats)
An Effective Introduction to the Standard Template Library (4-day, hands-on workshop)
(All trainings delivered by Leor Zolman)

BD Software for onsite training seminars for programmers.

Leor Zolman's public training Schedule


Our on-site training seminars are your most productive, cost-effective training alternative. Bringing the expert to you:

  • Allows the material to be adapted to your special needs.Eliminates employee travel time and costs.Creates a "shared experience" that helps bind the development team together.Gives your team personal access to leading experts.Reduces administrative overhead.
  • Reduces overall cost: Training a group of as few as four people on-site can cost less than sending those four to an off-site public training. If you train five or more, we guarantee it!

Contact us today to schedule a Training at your site! You'll be pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable a high-quality on-site training can be.

Check out Leor's Resources List for sites of interest to all developers

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BD Software delivers on-site training seminars for programmers in C, C++, Java, Perl and Unix