Modern C++ Training

Moving Up to Modern C++
An Introduction to C++11/14 for C++ Programmers.
Three days lecture, discussion and labs.
Author and presenter: Leor Zolman
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Effective Modern C++ (4 or 5 days)
Courseware by Scott Meyers based on his latest book of the same name.
Lecture and discussion only. Presenter: Leor Zolman
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Modern C++ Combo
Moving Up to Modern C++ and Effective Modern C++
A 4- or 5-Day Course by Leor Zolman and Scott Meyers
Presented by Leor Zolman
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An Overview of the New C++
Onsite C++ Training
An Overview of the New C++ (C++11/14)
A 3-Day Course by Scott Meyers. Presenter: Leor Zolman
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